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Download 1.1.6 Primo (.zip)

In a nutshell

Jappix is a new, smart and powerful social platform. We think each of us should own his own data, that’s why we’ve made Jappix decentralized. Jappix is one of the smartest free social network. You can install it on your own server if you have one or use our official service. All of the Jappix servers are connected together through XMPP protocol. Therefore, you can use a jappix account with other software, as Gajim, Psi, iChat or Movim.


Jappix is a free software. It means you can grab the code, check what’s inside and modify it, under the terms of the AGPL license. We want you to take the lead of your data that’s why you can know what Jappix does for you.

Besides, Jappix is also a great platform to communicate. Could you imagine living without speaking ? Without writing messages to the entire world ? Jappix improves the way you can send messages, just because you’re free to tell the world whatever you want! That’s easy, that’s smart, that’s fast, Jappix’s been made for you!it up